About Me

Amber Romaniuk, founder of Nourish This Life, Calgary, Alberta, is an R.H.N. Holistic Nutritionist graduate from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She offers a unique edge of understanding for supporting individualized plans and nutritional coaching to clients suffering from a spectrum of imbalances including: digestive, hormonal and adrenal imbalances, inflammation, stress, enzyme deficiency, food allergy/sensitivity and blood sugar imbalances.

She also has a deep personal awareness of emotional, compulsive, and binge eating as well as an incredible depth of knowledge regarding the connection between the physical and psychological imbalances these have on the body, mind and soul.

Amber is also involved in public speaking to educate those interested on how to take the steps involved to shift to a healthier lifestyle.

With a huge passion for cooking and creating new allergen-free recipes, both for her website and clients, she can help support your nutritional needs. There is a way to replace or transform any refined food or recipe into a cleaner, healthier, whole-foods creation that will satisfy and nourish the taste buds, appetite and soul, and Amber can teach you how.

Striving to provide you with a supportive, professional, and positive environment, when you Nourish This Life the seed of a trusting relationship can be planted to grow and flourish. Along with plenty of suggestions for creative meal plans and nourishing food, Amber knows the best way to support your shift to a healthier whole-foods lifestyle and set you up for success is by education, encouragement, and adding variety, rather than deprivation or strict diets.

For Amber, it’s about thoroughly understanding why you have been choosing certain habits and living the lifestyle you have been living. It’s her goal to support you by working toward shifting these habits, over time, to a state of balance that will change your life for the better.

Amber’s Personal Story
Amber brings much life experience to her work. She knows first-hand how poor-quality food choices and using food to cope with emotions can create many different imbalances in the body and mind. Over a span of six years, Amber began taking responsibility for her health and became aware of how foods impacted her on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level. She overcame a lack of self-love and emotional eating while learning how to listen to her body as well as love and nourish it the way it deserved in order to shift to a more balanced state.

Amber has developed a strong interest in learning about the connection between nutrient dense foods and the positive impact they have on supporting the body as a whole.

Every person is unique and always changing and, therefore, will require different nutritional and lifestyle needs to support balance and optimal health on an ongoing basis.

You may think: Where do I start? I don’t know what to do first. I don’t know what a chia seed is, or I love sugar too much to stop eating it.

It may seem too difficult or intimidating.

Amber started out in that space too, and she knows that through time, learning, and creating a space to be open to trying new foods and healthy habits, it’s totally possible. Anything is.

To read the full version of her story on what led her here on her journey please click here.

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